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Velociptor Skill

Quick and snappy, Velociptor Skill model has been designed for light and reliable mobility.

Online price 319,00 €
Available in colours:
Technical specifications
8" Honeycomb sturdy tyres
350W motor power
120 kg load capacity
LED lights
Integrated display
Front shock absorber
  • Aluminium frame
  • 120 kg load capacity
  • 8” sturdy tyres
  • Rear electric brake
  • Front shock absorber
  • 350W motor power
  • 3 speed controllers (eco 6km/h - drive 20km/h - sport 25km/h)
  • 36V 5Ah Lithium battery (about 3½ hour charging time)
  • Dynamic colour display
  • Front and rear LED lights (rear light with stop function)
  • Weight 10Kg

Extremely manoeuvrable, thanks to its foldable aluminium frame and weighing only 10 kg, it can be easily stored wherever you want and supports up to 120 kg of load capacity. Its front shock absorber, its 350W motor with 3 speed controllers*, its 8” sturdy tyres, its electric rear brake, its front and rear LED lights and its “dynamic” colour display will make your riding experience even more exciting.

Velociptor Skill is the electric scooter to get around with style and in complete ease.

*Maximum speed and autonomy depend on the riding conditions and the rider’s weight.

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