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Bomber MWC

Bomber MWC is the new fat bike EMG created in collaboration with Misano World Circuit - Marco Simoncelli. Pure adrenaline at every pedal thanks to the powerful 250W motor and long range.

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Technical info
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elem.get('nome') 17" folding aluminium alloy 6061 frame
elem.get('nome') Size Folded 110 x 75 x 60 cm
elem.get('nome') 20" treaded tyre
elem.get('nome') Logan 21-ST disc brakes
elem.get('nome') Front suspensions
elem.get('nome') 6 speed - Shimano derailleur
elem.get('nome') 250W motor power
elem.get('nome') 48V 10Ah 480Wh frame integrated battery

- Folding frame 17" aluminium alloy 6061
- Size 168 x 58 x 125 cm
- Folded size 110 x 75 x 60 cm


- Wheel 20" X 4" pneumatic big size


- Disc brakes LOGAN 21-ST


- Suspension fork XC32-DS-20MS 80mm


- Shimano TX50 gearbox
- Shimano TZ-500 front derailleur


- Engine power 250W 40nm


- Integrated battery 48V 10ah 480Wh
- Range c.a. 60km

Other features

- LCD display
- Front and rear LED lights
- Rear luggage carrier
- Maximum load capacity 110 kg
- Weight 30 kg

The fat bike Bomber MWC is an electric bicycle with lines and sporty character, decorated by the official texture of Misano World Circuit, red racing inserts and carbon look fenders, details that recall the racing world to which the product is inspired.

Equipped with 17" foldable aluminum frame and 20" wheels, Bomber MWC gives emotions to every single use. High performance with the powerful 250W motor and the 48V 10ah lithium battery integrated in the chassis, which allow you to have a range of about 60 km*, without forgetting the safety factor given by disc brakes and shock absorbers.

A unique e-bike of its kind!

*Maximum speed and range depend on the driving style, the weight of the driver, the road conditions and the speed maintained during use.

Bomber - Tre diverse Fat-bikes EMG, un solo stile di vita!
Bomber MWC
Bomber MWC
Bomber MWC
Bomber MWC
Bomber MWC
Bomber MWC
Bomber MWC
Bomber MWC
Bomber MWC
Bomber MWC
Bomber MWC
Bomber MWC
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