EMG Mobility Store

Who We Are

EMG is the essence of movement, dynamism and alternative mobility.

Our mission is to spread and share a smarter, greener idea of mobility. A real evolving revolution to embrace more comfortable, smarter and more sustainable ways of moving around the city.

The responsibility for a smarter future

We don't think we can change the world on our own.

But in our own small way we want to actively promote a more aware and eco-friendly lifestyle, involving more and more people.

We do this by always paying attention to the smallest details of our products, from safety to design, in order to offer innovative, efficient and attractive e-mobility solutions.

We look ahead confident of our past

EMG is a Trevi Spa brand and this allows us to combine our future-oriented vision with more than 40 years of experience in the hi-tech world and the reliability of all time.

EMG People

Scooters and e-bikes are just the end result of EMG's vision. A vision that blossoms and takes shape from the passion of people.

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