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  • What is the maximum speed that can be reached?

    The law imposes a maximum speed of 25 km/h for all electric scooters, which drops to 6 km/h in pedestrian areas.
    Pedelecs have a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

  • What is the range?

    Generally, the range is 25 to 60 km depending on the e-bike model and 15 to 25 km depending on the electric scooter model.
    However, these figures should be regarded as indicative as they can be affected by many factors, including surface area, weight carried, speed and riding style, and battery maintenance.
    All EMG e-bikes and electric scooters offer a battery status indicator to keep the battery level under control.

  • How do I recharge the battery?

    The battery of e-bikes and electric scooters can be charged just like any personal computer or mobile phone. Simply plug the charger into a wall socket and connect it to the battery.
    With the exception of e-bike models with an integrated battery, it is not necessary to remove the battery during charging, but it is always an option.
    For electric scooters, simply insert the charging plug into the slot provided under the footrest.

  • Serve la targa o l'assicurazione per le e-bike o per i monopattini?

    Il Codice della Strada non prevede al momento l'obbligo di assicurazione e targa per il monopattino elettrico e e-Bike.

    È in fase di discussione in Senato l’istituzione di obblighi e limiti più stringenti e tagliati proprio sulla micromobilità.

  • Chi fornisce assistenza tecnica?

    EMG dispone di numerosi centri assistenza in tutta Italia.
    Si può trovare l'elenco dei punti assistenza autorizzati EMG, cliccando sul tasto Centri Assistenza in homepage e filtrando per regione/tipologia di prodotto.

    In fondo all'elenco è anche disponibile un form per entrare direttamente in contatto con i nostri tecnici.



  • What is a pedelec?

    The electric pedal assisted cycle is a normal bicycle on which an electric motor, battery and management electronics are installed, so that the cyclist is helped by the motor power at every thrust on a pedal, thus reducing the cyclist's fatigue, allowing him/her to reach higher speeds and to tackle slopes and long distances without any effort.

  • What maintenance is required?

    Maintenance is virtually identical to that of any other bicycle. Lithium-ion batteries perform best at room temperature; the battery can be discharged if left outside in extreme temperatures, so we recommend storing it inside.
    Please refer to the product manual for all useful tips on proper battery management.

  • Da cosa dipende l'autonomia di una e-bike?

    L'autonomia di una bicicletta elettrica è un parametro sensibile a molteplici fattori tra i quali: tipologia di tracciato, pendenza, stile di guida, peso del conducente ecc..
    Pertanto è possibile che l'autonomia possa variare leggermente da quella dichiarata (testata in condizioni ottimali).

  • How are the pedals installed in the e-bike?

    - The pedal R (Right) must be mounted on the right crank arm (the one with the chain) by screwing it clockwise.

    - The L (Left) pedal must be mounted on the left crank arm (the one without chain) by screwing it anti-clockwise.

    - Initially screw the pedal manually, then tighten with adequate force with a 15 mm wrench.

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