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Green mobility

Green mobility is choosing to move easily in city traffic, it is choosing a new form of safe, ecological and sustainable mobility, it is choosing to respect the planet and stand out in style.

And what do you choose?

EMG: electric moving green

A Green mobility is our mantra, underlying the design of every EMG scooter or electric bike.

It is the idea of mobility that we want to share with people who choose a more aware and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Be the leader of change and take part in the smart mobility revolution.

EMG: electric moving green
Smart mobility

Smart mobility

Green mobility does not mean giving up comfort to protect the planet.

It means embracing a new model of mobility that is more intelligent, more agile, smarter.

It means choosing an electric bike to avoid traffic and forget about parking problems.

It means choosing an electric scooter to get around in style in any situation.

It means choosing comfort and safeguarding the planet

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