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The EMG Marlon electric bicycle is the answer to all your urban mobility needs. With its 19" full vintage aluminium frame, EMG Marlon is a work of art on two wheels to be discovered.

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elem.get('nome') Folding 19" aluminium alloy 6061 full vintage frame
elem.get('nome') 28" tyre
elem.get('nome') ARTEK A-104 V-Brakes
elem.get('nome') Front suspensions
elem.get('nome') 250W ANANDA central motor power
elem.get('nome') Ultra slim lithium battery 36V 13Ah 468Wh

- 19" aluminum 6061 full vintage frame


- 28" wheel


- ARTEK A-104 V-Brakes


- Shimano RS-36 rear derailleur
- Front derailleur Shimano YT-30


- 250W ANANDA M80 80Nm motor


- Ultra slim lithium 36V 3Ah 468Wh battery
- Autonomy 80km*

More features

- ANANDA multi-function LCD display
- Front and rear LED lights
- Rear rack
- Load capacity 150 kg
- Weight 23kg

The e-bike EMG Marlon is the ideal solution for those who want to move around the city in a comfortable and safe. The 19" full vintage aluminum frame highlights the bike’s style, while the 28" wheel and the Artek A-104 V-Brake brakes allow excellent braking and great stability. The cushioned fork absorbs the bumps of the road, ensuring a comfortable riding experience.

The Shimano RS-36 gearbox is precise and easy to use, allowing you to change speeds smoothly; the 250W ANANDA electric motor and the ultra slim 36V 13ah lithium battery provide ease of pedaling and a long-lasting range*. The multifunctional ANANDA LCD display is intuitive and easy to use, showing important information such as speed, battery and distance travelled with the EMG bike.

Move easily around the city, avoid traffic and save time with the EMG Marlon electric bike!

*Maximum speed and range depend on the driving style, the weight of the driver, the road conditions and the speed maintained during use.

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